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2014 Cohort (by name)

2Armadillos | Washington, DC USA
2Armadillos sells crispy roasted chickpeas to hungry people looking for a healthy snack option.
A.I.R. Lawn Care | | Rockville, MD USA
A.I.R. Lawn Care is a full service eco-friendly landscaping company that improves and renews the atmosphere people breathe in through: the reduction of air pollution, the elimination of synthetic chemicals, and the mitigation of stormwater runoff.

ATP-SC, LLC, DBA Agri-Tech South Carolina, is a triple-bottom-line company, which will promote poverty reduction, rural development and sustainability, using an innovative torrefaction technology, converting animal, plant and woody biomass, in South Carolina’s I-95 “Corridor of Shame”, into a variety of bio-products, including a clean and renewable alternative to coal. This venture is one of components of the founder’s Greening of Black America Initiative.

BAOBAB | | Guatemala
BAOBAB is a brand of natural and organic personal care products that brings soap and hygiene education to schools in Guatemala to promote wellbeing and health.

Bio-Adhesive Alliance | | Greensboro, NC USA
Bio-Adhesive Alliance produces an adhesive that is low cost and durable and can be utilized as a substitute to petroleum-based asphalt.

Buen Power Perú SAC | | Cusco, Peru
Buen Power Peru seeks to bring affordable alternative, clean energy solutions (solar) to the 6.5 million people in Peru that have no access to electricity, while creating employment opportunities for the same population.

CAIA Ingeniería | | Bogotá, Colombia
CAIA is intended to make the greatest possible contribution to sustainability by improving Environmental Performance of its customers.

Domogeo | | India, Bangladesh
DomoGeo provides hard-working families at the Bottom of the Pyramid with the opportunity to own a safe, quality, sustainable home and to increase their disposable income through home-based work. We are starting in India and Bangladesh.

E-Mow | | Fairfax, VA USA
E-mow is developing direct-to-pellet drone harvesters. Automated harvesting from grassy biomass with onboard processing to fuel pellets lowers the capital barrier for ethical energy production.

Energy | Bethesda, MD USA
Energy Dynamics designs and manufactures innovative products that conserve energy, reduce pollution and minimize waste. Energy Dynamics devices capture and store wasted energy in the electrical system and then recycles it on demand. In addition Energy Dynamics conducts facility energy audits to identify areas where energy consumption can be curtailed in order to maximize energy efficiency.

EV Anywhere | | Detroit, MI USA
EV Anywhere sells electric vehicle chargers and manages our customers EV charging needs over a muti-year period.

Fargreen | | Vietnam
Fargreen produces edible mushrooms and biofertilizers made from rice straw waste, which helps solve the environmental problem associated with open rice straw burning in Vietnam as well as the social problem of the migration of farmers to the urban areas in search of employment in between the two rice growing seasons.

FREDsense Technologies | | Calgary, AB Canada
At FREDsense Technologies, our goal is to build better biosensors to enable environmentally-conscious, cutting edge monitoring solutions related to the oil and gas sector.

Full Plate Ventures | Bethesda, MD USA
Full Plate Ventures is a consulting business that leverages the symbiotic relationship between business and social mission. A branch of Full Plate Ventures is Farm to Freezer, a line of delicious, healthy, and locally-sourced foods that are frozen at the peak of ripeness. We are a social enterprise that solves the dual problems of local farms’ producing surplus fresh vegetables in the summer—6 billion lbs. is wasted in the U.S. annually—and a need to provide those who are food insecure with more nutrient-rich food all year round.  

Gham Power | | Kathmandu, Nepal
Gham Power is a solar company based in Nepal that provides complete solar project development and EPC services for businesses and rural sites – from initial feasibility study and design to system installation, and ongoing support.

Greenease | | Washington, DC USA
Greenease is a website (and later mobile app) that connects local food enthusiasts, sustainable diners, vegetarians, etc to restaurants and cafes that source directly from local farms and/or provide sustainable, organic and healthy food options.

Immersed Games | | Gainesville, FL USA
Immersed Games is harnessing the addictive power of video games for learning by creating an educational online game for students. They are creating a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in which students level up their characters by completing quests that involve an active, constructive learning process. This is like World of Warcraft, but for education.

Juabar Design | | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Juabar Design builds energy franchise businesses in Tanzania through our solar-powered charging kiosks. Tanzanian entrepreneurs lease our kiosks to provide charging services for un-electrified communities. Once in the Juabar network, franchises have access to building their business through solar product retail distribution and financing to increase their energy generation capacity.

KARIBU Solar Power | | Moshi, Tanzania
KARIBU Solar Power is an innovative social enterprise that makes high quality, affordable solar-powered lighting and mobile charging solutions. We produce a modular solar lamp and employ an innovative social business model makes solar affordable. By splitting up the components of the solar lamp, we split up the payments.

Kishe Foods | | Tarzana, CA USA
Kishe is a US social venture partly owned by 3,800 small coffee growers created to help overcome a yearly poverty cycle between each coffee harvest that affects small coffee growers. We bridge the poverty gap bringing growers and coffee lovers closer by selling roasted, and unroasted coffee in the US.

Luciérnaga| | Central America
Luciérnaga's mission is to be the lowest cost wholesaler of PICO PV (2w - 30w) home lighting systems in Central America. By serving the off-grid populations of several countries at once, we can import higher quantities of product, more efficiently and at a lower cost than our competitors. The products we select displace non-renewable and contaminating sources of energy such as kerosene and disposable batteries, and can save families up to $1,000 during their useful life.

Mutuo Solar | Washington, DC USA
Mutuo Solar helps renters acquire solar power to save on increasing electricity costs, and accelerate America’s transition to clean energy sources by establishing centralized, and shared solar installations capable of servicing the community at large.

Nettadonna | | Washington, DC USA
Nettadonna is developing a ConflictFreeElectronics(TM) Platform to help companies rid their supply chain of conflict minerals.

PaceMD | Guanajuato, Mexico
PACE is a Global Health Enterprise, with a mission to develop Knowledge, Skills and Abilities over a broad range of health care provider types to insure the best possible outcomes for people with emergency conditions out to the last kilometer of communities in Latin America. We have a strong focus on programs to decrease maternal and child mortality as well as in general emergency care. We decentralize quality medical training and improve health care among Spanish speakers.

PAK-Energy Solution | | Lahore, Pakistan
PAK-Energy Solution envisions providing in-house clean energy and income facility to poor villagers in Pakistan with the help of portable and affordable natural gas digesters..

reNature | | Tempe, AZ USA
reNature turns the organic waste produced by the food industry back into concentrated fertilizers eliminating the economic and environmental cost of waste disposal and offering a sustainable solution to ever-rising fertilizer prices for farmers.

SMEFunds - GE Biofuels | | Nigeria
Our biofuel gel venture provides a cleaner, safer and cheaper alternative to kerosene and other harmful cooking fuel for people who earns below $4/day in Africa.

SOL VISTA | | Silver Spring, MD USA
SOL VISTA’s mission is to make commercial building efficiency simple and profitable.  We do this through a combination of onsite services and our subscription-based, building performance monitoring and reporting platform.

Solar Site Design | | Nashville, TN USA
Solar Site Design originates solar energy projects to solar manufacturers, engineers, and finance companies. Our industry has a problem and it is expensive customer acquisition. Our platform solves this problem by connecting local contractors directly with a team of solar professionals and driving down project acquisition costs on solar projects by up to 50%.

Spark Fund | | Washington, DC USA
Spark is building an online crowd investment platform that enables individuals to invest directly in energy efficiency projects—earning a solid return, making America’s buildings greener and more productive, and providing low-cost capital to projects in need of funding.

SunSaluter | | India
The SunSaluter is the first solar panel rotator specifically designed for the developing world to optimize energy collection and provide clean water, using the power of water and gravity, for rural off-grid customers in the developing world at a significantly lower cost.

Superior EcoTech | | Denver, CO USA
We reduce GHG emissions at breweries by converting CO2 waste from beer fermentation into algae rich in omega-3 oils and other high-value natural products that initially will be sold to specialty food and formulation companies.

Teysha Social Enterprises | | Guatemala
We are allies crafting a global culture of action, opportunity, and respect for People and Nature; one hand-made, quality creation at a time. Through community-based workshops and grass-roots manufacturing systems, we bring together customers and skilled artisans to create beautiful goods which empower people to connect, create, and empower together. 

Tirechip México | Puebla, Mexico
Tirechip de México sells chips made of tires as a substitute of virgin rubber and as a complement in cement and construction materials, to prevent tires from being disposed off in incorrect ways, and reusing the material of this tires.

Wana Energy Solutions | | Uganda
We sell Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to both domestic and business customers as a clean reliable, and readily available form of energy. LPG reduces on the indoor air pollution, and mitigates climate change due to its low carbon emission credentials.