Mentor Capital Network is building new partnerships and the field.

Our mission is to support impact entrepreneurs AND the entire field of support for impact entrepreneurs.

We partner with a broad array of business plan competitions, incubators, accelerators, conferences, co-working spaces, impact investors, and many other organizations. 

Resource Lists

We keep a comprehensive calendar of events for social entrepreneurs and are actively engaged in promoting our partners through social media. 



We also build strategic partnerships with organizations that share our goals of supporting new and established sustainable businesses. We work with partners to actively recruit entrepreneurs and mentors and also promote their opportunities to our community.We are also an active member of both the Impact Accelerator Network, a loose confederation of organizations that run programs which support multi-bottom line entrepreneurs with more than just financial investment, and Conveners.org, a group of  organizations that produce events and convenings for similar purposes. If you are interested in joining or learning about ether of these organiations, please contact our executive director, Ian Fisk, via email at ian.fisk@williamjamesfoundation.org.

Incubator / Accelerator Partnerships


Mentor Capital Network launched new program partnerships in 2014 adding Mentor Capital to entrepreneurs actively engaged with other impact accelerators and incubators. We worked closely with Agora Partnerships and Bethesda Green to provide maximum value to their entrepreneurs, engaging the best qualities of all of our organizations. Partnering with other accelerators “doubles the staff” helping entrepreneurs make the most of their team of mentors.

Outreach Partnerships

We believe that entrepreneurs should focus on running their companies, not filling out paperwork. So we make it as easy as possible to apply, often accepting applications to other programs as applications to our own. 



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