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What we do:

The William James Foundation (WJF) finds, supports, and rewards entrepreneurs who are integrating their social and/or environmental values into new and growing for-profit companies. We have been doing this since 2002, primarily through our sustainable business plan competitions. Examples of who we have worked with in the past can be found here: www.williamjamesfoundation.org/pastentrants

Why be an intern?

Being an intern is a great opportunity to learn about social entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally and multiple bottom line start-up companies, as well as receive mentorship from our Executive Director, an expert in for-profit socially responsible businesses.  Our internships are truly educational experiences.  References from past interns are available to finalist candidates upon request.

We can work with folks at the undergraduate, graduate, mid-career, and retired level and will adapt the internship to fit specific interests. All interns will receive a broad overview of the world of sustainable business, direct interaction with current social entrepreneurs, and insight into how to develop a business plan. 


The WJF is seeking full-time interns for the spring of 2014 (April to June) and the summer of 2014 (May to July/early August).

Research Internship (Spring and/or Summer)

This person will help with conducting research on best practices in working with social enterprises. This is a good opportunity for individuals seeking to establish themselves in the world of sustainable business.

Opportunities include: 

  • Database management 
  • Online Research Skills
  • Survey Management
  • Content Management
  • Editing the WJF website
  • Helping with administrative tasks as needed

Communications Internship (Spring and/or Summer)

We’re looking for someone to directly communicate with and support active social entrepreneurs.  This includes drafting the bi-weekly newsletter, updating Tumblr, and also reaching out to social entrepreneurs via email and phone. This is a good internship for someone who is new to the sustainable business field and wants to get a sense of what is out there and build their communication skills.

Opportunities include: 

  • Interviewing social entrepreneurs
  • Drafting twice monthly newsletter
  • Researching events and networks for sustainable business and social entrepreneurs
  • Editing the WJF website
  • Database management 
  • Helping with administrative tasks as needed

Internship Logistics

All interns will work from our Washington, DC office at the 920 U Street location of the Affinity Lab, a co-working space that is one block from the U Street metro stop. These positions will be open until filled. There is no salary or stipend for these positions.

Applicants must be highly fluent in written and spoken English, have basic computer skills, and be comfortable doing research by web and telephone. We can be flexible about scheduling, but as we will put a lot of time into your training, a commitment of at least 20 hours per week for three months is ideal.


Please read our website closely, and then send a resume and cover letter detailing your interest in the position, and what you hope to learn and offer.  The resume and cover letter should be emailed to the Executive Director, Ian Fisk at competition@williamjamesfoundation.orgApplication deadline is rolling.





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