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Feedback that participants have found useful

The mentors for WJF's Sustainable Business Plan Competition are asked to both rate the plans and provide constructive comments.

While the participants are competing for a share of $100,000 worth of cash and in-kind prizes, our surveys tell us that this feedback is the most useful "prize" to come from the competition. The most important thing for the mentors to remember is that you are writing directly to the participants. So do not summarize the plan. Rather, provide the teams with constructive commentary or questions they should address before moving forward. Mentors provide an average of two pages of commentary per summary, and three pages of commentary per full plan. Examples of full scorecards can be made available to new readers upon request.

The examples below are comments that past participants have highlighted as having been particularly useful to them, organized by category. Note: The categories are based on terms we have used in the past, and will not map exactly to the categories we are using for this cycle. They should still be instructive, however.

Comments about the product or service:

Comments about marketing, customer acquisition, & market testing:

Comments about risk assessment & competitive advantage:

Comments about timeline & growth strategy:

Comments about financial projections:

Comments about management team & staffing plans:

Comments about social and/or environmental impact:

Comments about overall viability: