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Organizations that support Socially Responsible / Sustainable Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Acara Institute : http://acara.umn.edu/
Acara Institute believes that there are sustainable business ideas that can resolve or alleviate these seemingly impossible issues. Acara's mission is to provide the infrastructure, education and awareness to find sustainable solutions, and then to assist in implementation where possible. Acara achieves this by connecting University students (BOTH business students and technical students) with industry and with international team members, and provides the challenge of a real problem to be solved.

Agora Partnerships : Central America  http://agorapartnerships.org/
Agora Partnerships identifies and supports those people – regardless of background or connections – who represent society’s greatest chance of converting opportunity into economic and social progress. They help them at the early stages of their careers when they are poised for growth.

The Angel Venture Forum : Mid-Atlantic Region of the USAhttp://www.angelventureforum.com/
The Angel Venture Forum in Baltimore, MD is a group of active angel investors with a shared vision to encourage the growth of emerging business. The mission of AVF is to discover and develop strong companies and to connect them with resources – financial and experiential – which assist companies in becoming ultimately more successful in the total attraction of capital and resulting positive exits.

Apps4Africa :  http://apps4africa.org
Apps4Africa challenges program developers to find innovative technological solutions to everyday problems on issues ranging from transparency and governance to health and education.

The Apsen Institute : http://www.aspeninstitute.org/
The Aspen Institute mission is twofold: to foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society, and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and acting on critical issues.

Artemisia : http://www.artemisia.org.br/
Founded in 2003 by Potencia Ventures, Artemisia is a pioneer organization in social business in Brazil. Artemisia leverages entrepreneurs and talents to build the best startups which serve the low income population. Their vision is to make Brazil an international hub of high social impact business. 

Ashden : http://www.ashden.org/
Through the Ashden Awards, Ashden champions some of the world’s best green trailblazers then helps them accelerate their work through the Ashden UK and International support programmes.

Ashoka : http://www.ashoka.org/
Ashoka strives to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector: one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the world’s citizens to think and act as changemakers. To ensure that the leading ideas for social change are fully developed and sustained, they have designed an approach that offers critical interventions on three levels—the individual, the group, and the sector.

Avantage Ventures : http://www.avantageventures.com/
Avantage Ventures is a boutique investment and advisory firm, based in Hong Kong and Beijing, fostering sustainable development by promoting investments in social ventures that effect positive social and environmental change while demonstrating financial viability. 

Avina : Latin America : http://www.avina.net/esp/
Avina identifies opportunities for systemic change in Latin America, linking and strengthening the individuals and institutions in the region that can drive that change toward a more sustainable future. AVINA invests directly in these shared agendas on the ground, and they look for synergies and collaboration potential with the work of other international organizations.

B Lab : http://www.bcorporation.net/
B Lab is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to support B Corporations by defining the marketplace of social investment, developing a legal framework to institutionalize stakeholder interests within existing corporate law, building the marketplace for social investment by recruiting B Corporations, and accelerating growth of the social investment marketplace.

Beyond Grey Pinstripes : http://www.beyondgreypinstripes.org/
Beyond Grey Pinstripes is a research survey and alternative ranking of business schools that spotlights innovative full-time MBA programs leading the way in the integration of issues concerning social and environmental stewardship into the curriculum. These schools are preparing students for the reality of tomorrow's markets by equipping them with the social, environmental, ethical and economic perspectives required for business success in a competitive and fast changing world.

BID Network http://www.bidnetwork.org/
BiD Network’s mission is to contribute to sustainable economic growth in emerging countries through entrepreneurship.

Bioneers: http://www.bioneers.org/
Bioneers is a nonprofit organization that promotes practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring the Earth and communities.

Brand Geek: http://brandgeek.net
Brand Geek educates, entertains and engages others regarding intellectual property law, branding and corporate social responsibility. Brand Geek learns about your business and finds the best and most cost effective way to protect your brand.

Buckminster Fuller Institute : http://bfi.org/
The Buckminster Fuller Institute is dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of solutions which radically advance human well-being and the health of our planet's ecosystems. They aim to deeply influence the ascendance of a new generation of design-science pioneers who are leading the creation of an abundant and restorative world economy that benefits all humanity.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies : http://www.livingeconomies.org
The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) brings together small business leaders, economic development professionals, government officials, social innovators, and community leaders to build local living economies. They provide local, state, national, and international resources to this model of economic development.

Business for Social Responsibility :  http://www.bsr.org/
Since 1992, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) has helped companies of all sizes and sectors to achieve success in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, people, communities and the environment. A leading global resource for the business community and thought leaders around the world, BSR equips its member companies with the expertise to design and implement successful, socially responsible business policies, practices and processes.

Carbon Outreach :http://carbonoutreach.com
Carbon Outreach is a marketing & digital advertising agency based in New York City with an international remit. They tailor services to the needs of social enterprises, not-for profits and corporate philanthropy programs. Their mission is to advance the standing of social enterprise and the low carbon economy internationally.

The Carbon War Room :http://www.carbonwarroom.com
The Carbon War Room harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to unlock market-driven solutions to climate change. Carbon War Room focuses on the market barriers that reinforce the status quo and prevent capital from flowing to sustainable solutions with compelling returns.

Case Place : http://www.caseplace.org/
CasePlace.org is an online library of reading materials, multimedia content, and teaching modules that focuses on social, environmental and ethical issues in business. CasePlace.org is a project ofThe Aspen Institute Center for Business Education.

Catapult Design :http://catapultdesign.org
Catapult Design is a non-profit design firm providing engineering and implementation support to the thousands of organizations in need of technologies or products capable of igniting social change. They design products, introduce technologies, and foster trends that are appropriate, self-sustaining, environmental friendly, socially responsible and culturally sensitive.

Catchafire :http://www.catchafire.org
Catchafire is a New York City-based, for-profit social mission business and certified B-Corporation. Catchafire matches professionasl who want to give their skills with nonprofits and social enterprises that need their help. They match professionals and organization based on a variety of characters including skills, cause interests, and time availability. They help organizations identify their needs as short-term, discrete, and individual-based projects.

Center for Corporate Citizenship : http://www.bcccc.net/
The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College is a membership based research organization. They work with global corporations to help them define, plan and operationalize their corporate citizenship. Their goal is to help business leverage its social, economic and human assets to ensure both its success and a more just and sustainable world.

Center for Small Business & the Environment : http://www.aboutcsbe.org/
Supports small businesses to lead the way to a new economy that protects and restores the environment while it produces abundant growth and employment.

ChangeMatters : http://changematters.com/
ChangeMatters is a social enterprise consultancy promoting the art of business for sustainable community impact. Their focus is on organizations and small companies seeking growth, turnaround, or renewal in their funding, operations, and social impact. Their commitment is to building a world of healthy, vibrant, sustainable economic and cultural communities where everyone has the ability to fully participate.

CleanWave Group : http://www.cleanwavegroup.com/
CleanWave Group is a new generation business catalyst and strategic advisory firm able to provide clients with business development opportunities, creative strategic advisory services, and an integrated partnership for select ventures and projects.

Community Wealth Ventures : http://www.communitywealth.com/
Community Wealth Ventures is a social enterprise consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations become more self-sustaining by generating revenue through business ventures and corporate partnerships and helps corporations improve their bottom line through the design and implementation of community investment strategies.

Compass Partners : http://compasspartners.org/
Compass Partners provides resources, training and a vibrant support network to students with innovative ideas to change the world through business. They offer campus-based Fellowship programs that employ creative methods of education and make a deep investment in each student. Their main program, the Compass Fellowship exposes 15 college freshmen at each university to the world of social entrepreneurship through an intensive personal development and social business training program. As of 2012, Compass Fellowship runs at twelve universities worldwide.

CREA : http://www.crea.org.mx/

CREA trains and advises low-income women, who own microenterprises in rural communities to grow their businesses, generate jobs and open new distribution channels. Our mission is to generate employment opportunities. CREA empowers these women and fosters entrepreneurship to help alleviate poverty in their communities and reduce inequality in Mexico.

CSR Wire : http://www.csrwire.com/
CSRwire is a newswire service devoted solely to corporate social responsibility issues. CSRwire provides access to a targeted audience of investors, consumers, and employees who consider corporate social responsibility policies and practices in their investment, purchase, and career decisions.

Courtney Consulting Solutions :http://www.courtneysolutions.com
CCS officially incorporated in 2008 but its founders have been advising clients on how to do business with the government long before the company’s inception. They have clients nationwide making billions to small businesses earning less than $100.000. CCS has also developed partnerships with various government service firms to assist them and their clients in developing government opportunities from the initial stages of client development.

Dasra Social Impact : http://www.dasra.org/About-DSI
Since its inception in 2006, the Dasra Social-Impact (DSI) program has helped visionary social change makers build the skills required to operate their organizations at scale. DSI is an executive education program, which provides successful non profits and social businesses with transformational skills necessary to build sustainable and scalable organizations to accelerate their impact.

Echoing Green : http://www.echoinggreen.org/
Since its founding in 1987, Echoing Green has provided more than 500 promising social entrepreneurs working in over forty countries with $31 million in start-up funding, customized support services, and access to thier global network of champions. 

Eco-Ventures International : http://www.eco-ventures.org/
EcoVentures International’s vision is for a world of sustainable communities and sustainable livelihoods. EcoVentures International assists in achieving this through training, mentoring, connecting, and inspiring people, especially youth, to develop as socially and environmentally committed entrepreneurs and ambassadors of sustainable livelihoods.

Eisenhower Fellowships : http://www.efworld.org/index.php
Eisenhower Fellowships identifies, empowers and links outstanding leaders from around the world, helping them to achieve consequential outcomes across sectors and borders. EF provides a transformational experience leading to lifetime engagement in a global network, where dialogue and collaboration make the world more prosperous, just and peaceful.

Enviu : http://www.enviu.org/
Enviu develops innovative solutions to environmental and social issues and introduces these to the market. They collaborate with a large group of young entrepreneurial people, senior executives, corporate partners and universities to co-create these innovative businesses.

The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment : http://ussif.org/
Formerly the Social Investment Forum (SIF) – is the U.S. membership association for professionals, firms, institutions and organizations engaged in socially responsible and sustainable investing. US SIF and its members advance investment practices that consider environmental, social and corporate governance criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact. 


Frontier Markets : http://frontiermkts.com/

Frontier Markets seeks innovative solutions to bring high quality-low cost products into millions of Bottom of the Pyramid households in rural and peri-urban India.

Future of Fish : http://www.futureoffish.org/
Future of Fish (FoF) is a nonprofit incubator for innovators launching scalable, market-based initiatives that drive sustainability, efficiency, and traceability in the seafood supply chain. They focus specifically on industry pioneers whose planned initiatives are directly aligned with their mission and whose ideas are considered too nascent to secure traditional financing without the additional strategic and operational support they provide. 

The Garuna Project : http://www.thegarunaproject.org
The Garuna Project, a nonprofit corporation, provides financial services to the working poor in Southeast Asia. They draw on expert management from local leadership, and guidance from its international program advisory Boards of Directors. 

Global Social Benefit Incubator : http://cms.scu.edu/socialbenefit/entrepreneurship/gsbi/
The Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI) empowers socially-minded entrepreneurs to build sustainable, scalable organizations that solve problems for people living in poverty around the world. The GSBI is the signature program of Santa Clara University’s Center for Science, Technology, and Society. They work with organizations that create value by lifting people out of poverty, utilizing self-sustaining community practices, and developing low-cost solutions. 

Green America Business Network : http://greenbusinessnetwork.org/
Green America (f.k.a. "Co-Op America") is the oldest, largest, and most diverse national network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in America. Founded in 1982, the mission is to link green businesses to the growing marketplace of values-driven consumers, providing the services and connections that benefit both emerging and expanding green businesses.

Green Business Base Camp :http://greenbusinessbasecamp.com
The Green Business BASE CAMP offers training experience custom designed by thought leaders and sector experts to meet the needs of early stage green and clean tech entrepreneurs.

GreenBusinessOwner.com :http://greenbusinessowner.com
GreenBusinessowner.com facilitates the creation and success of triple bottom line businesses. They help experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs start and run a green business.

HIP Investor Inc.:http://hipinvestor.com/
HIP Investor Inc. is an investment advisor and portfolio management firm that provides institutions, individuals, families, foundations - and their advisors – with investing, ratings, portfolios and consulting. They quantify the human, social, and environmental impact of each investment.

Hub Ventures : http://hub-ventures.com/
Hub Ventures helps high caliber entrepreneurs build their world-changing startups better and faster.  They operate 12-week cohort cycles at Hub Bay Area, during which participating companies receive seed funding and engage in best-in-class mentorship, collaborative sessions with program peers, and workshops and speaker events on topics relevant to impact oriented startups.  


Impact Engine : http://www.theimpactengine.com/

Impact Engine provide entrepreneurs with the resources, tools, and support they need to build market-based companies that change the world.

Investors’ Circle : http://www.investorscircle.net
Investors’ Circle is a network of 150 angel investors, venture capitalists, foundation and family offices that are using private capital to promote the transition to a sustainable economy. Investors’ Circle is based in San Francisco, CA and Durham NC.

Invest2innovate : Pakistan http://invest2innovate.com
Invest2innovative is an intermediary organization that supports early-stage enterprises and strengthens access to capital in new & untapped markets. They provide capacity development services to grow high-potential early-stage social enterprises, and connect them to the resources and capital to build their businesses. They partner with local and global organizations to strengthen the social entrepreneur and capital pipeline, developing innovative workshops, curriculum, networks, and competitions.

Launcht : http://www.launcht.com/
Launcht enables universities, foundations, businesses, and conferences to create their own custom white label crowdfunding & crowdvoting platforms. Launcht also partners with startup crowdfunding portals as their technology partner, offering turnkey crowdfunding solutions and host a crowdfunding site for social entrepreneurs.

Live Green : Washington, DC : http://livegreen.net/intro/
Live Green serves as a liaison for businesses and individuals looking for easy and more affordable access to eco-friendly food, products, work environments, and homes.


LGT Venture Philanthropy : http://lgtvp.com/

LGT's mission is to improve the quality of life of less advantaged people. To realize our mission, we support organizations with positive social or environmental impact through financing, know-how and access to networks. Building on our field experience we inspire and advise people who want to become active in philanthropy.

The LOHAS Forum : http://www.lohas.com/forum
The LOHAS Forum brings together +500 business executives to network and learn about the opportunities the LOHAS marketplace has to offer and how best to target the LOHAS consumer.

Mulago Foundation : http://www.mulagofoundation.org/
Mulago looks for the best solutions to the biggest problems in the poorest countries. They are unabashedly obsessed with impact: measuring it, funding it, and scaling it up. Their job is to find those most able to create change and get them what they need to do it.

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum : http://www.nsef-india.org
National Social Entrepreneurship Forum is a non-profit organization influencing the youth culture in India both in practice and academia by inspiring, training and supporting students for social innovation & entrepreneurship.

NESsT : http://www.nesst.org/
NESsT is a catalyst for social enterprises in emerging markets and worldwide. They achieve thier mission by providing financial capital, training and mentoring, and access to markets for a high-impact portfolio of social enterprises in emerging markets. They combine the tools and strategies of business leadership, entrepreneurship and investment with the mission and values of the social sector to enable their portfolio to: better plan, improve management capacity, grow, and increase their social impact.

Net Impact : http://www.netimpact.org/
Net Impact is a powerful and influential network of over 20,000 MBA students and professionals committed to using the power of business to create a better world. Through education, career resources, events, and access to an international network, Net Impact helps members to utilize their business skills for positive social change.

New Ventures :  http://www.wri.org/project/new-ventures
New Ventures operates out of the WRI's office in Washington DC and is a global network of enterprise acceleration centers that spur the growth of entrepreneurial approaches to the challenges of sustainable development. Their vision is a new, recognized asset class, comprised of enterprises whose primary intent is generating positive impacts on the environment and society, backed up by a vibrant marketplace and a robust ecosystem of support.

New Voice of Business : http://www.newvoiceofbusiness.org/
New Voice of Business promotes economic, social and environmental sustainability in the United States. Their mission is to inform, engage, and mobilize an influential network of business people – a unified, new voice of business to advocate for a sustainable economy and encourage triple bottom line business practices.

Omidyar Network : http://www.omidyar.com/
Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm. They create opportunity for people to improve their lives by investing in market-based efforsts to catalize economic, social, and political change. 

On Belay :http://www.youronbelay.com
On Belay Business Advisors provides practical support for leaders to propel themselves and their organizations into a more conscious and sustainable future. Their mission is to insure that their clients reap the rewards of being socially responsible and planet-aware.

Pop Tech : http://poptech.org/
PopTech brings innovators together from many different fields—science, technology, design, corporate and civic leadership, public health, social and ecological innovation, and the arts and humanities, among others—in a network that complements the silos. They convene this community in intimate, peer-level gatherings where participants can share their most provocative questions and their most promising new ideas, and begin to work together on new approaches to some of the world’s toughest challenges. 

Portland State University, Social Innovation Incubator :http://www.sba.pdx.edu/sii/
The Social Innovation Incubator helps start-up and entrepreneurial companies that are focused on creating innovations that benefit the environment and humanity by addressing significant and persistent social problems such as poverty, inequality, access to food and water, among many others.

Potencia Ventures : http://potenciaventures.net/
Potencia Ventures backs system-changing new business models, businesses, and institutions to help create the entrepreneurial ecosystem that improves opportunity for the base of the pyramid. They support the emergence of businesses that overcome structural difficulties faced by low-income people. Education, health and housing are priority sectors.

Provoc : http://www.provoc.me
Provoc strategizes the creation and promotion of brands with graphic design, print media, state-of-the-art web technologies, illustration, and more to influence behavior and transform perception.

The Relay Foundation :http://relayfoundation.org/
The Relay Foundation empowers students ages 17-25 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to start and grow community-empowering, environment-enriching businesses.

The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) : http://www.redf.org/
REDF exists to alleviate this problem, improving the lives of those in the San Francisco Bay Area who face chronic poverty and homelessness by expanding the capacity of nonprofit social enterprises.

Rock Health : http://rockhealth.com
Rock Health is powering the future of the digital health ecosystem, bringing together the brightest minds in technology and medicine to build better solutions.

The RSA : http://www.thersa.org
The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) in the UK is an enlightenment organization committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges.

SOCAP : http://socialcapitalmarkets.net\
SOCAP is an annual event series that connects leading global innovators – investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs – to build this market at the intersection of money and meaning. SOCAP operates out of the co-working space and changemaker community based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SOCENT Weekend : http://socentweekend.org
 #SocEnt Weekend is a one-weekend, 50-hour, hands-on meetup, where you can meet like-minded social entrepreneurs, try building upon an idea that you’ve been thinking about, or simply have fun helping others build new companies that have a positive social impact. 

Social Enterpreneurship Education Consortium : https://www.seecglobal.org/Home_Page.html
The SEEC is for organizations leading university social entrepreneurship activities, competitions, curriculum and academic research. The objective of the consortium is to share best practices, exchange ideas, form collaborations and to develop better integrated strategies.

Social Enterprise Alliance : https://www.se-alliance.org/
The Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is the leading membership organization in North America for social enterprises, service providers, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and venture capitalists that is actively building the field of social enterprise through networking opportunities, educational forums, strategic partnerships, and impact legislation.

Social Enterprise Associates : http://www.socialenterprise.net/
Social Enterprise Associates is a consulting firm offering capital advisory, business plans, market research, innovative capital solutions, and product development. As a "Best for the World" B Corp, the company has consulted throughout the US and in more than 40 countries around the world.  Engagements have led clients to generate more than $100 million for socially motivated market based efforts. Our affordable solutions advance triple bottom line entrepreneurs, their organizations, and the industries in which they operate.

Social Innovation Fast Pitch : http://sifp.net/
SIFP is a fast-pitch investment forum highlighting new ideas for social impact, presented by Social Venture Partners Seattle. Non-profits and for profits compete for funding and the opportunity to present cutting-edge ideas to engaged philanthropists and investors around Seattle.

Social Innovation Forum : http://www.socialinnovationforum.org
Since 2003, Root Cause’s Social Innovation Forum has been working to create a social impact market that distributes resources to organizations based on performance in order to most efficiently and effectively solve social problems in Greater Boston.

The Social Innovators Collective : http://www.socialinnovatorscollective.org
The Social Innovators Collective was born in 2010 and is an international network of emerging founders, entrepreneurs and leaders who work in the social enterprise and nonprofit sectors. They nurture, shape and train the next wave of social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders so that they become financially sustainable.

Social Venture Network : http://www.svn.org/
Founded in 1987 by some of the nation's most visionary leaders in socially responsible entrepreneurship and investment, Social Venture Network (SVN) is a nonprofit network committed to building a just and sustainable world through business.

StartingBloc :http://startingbloc.org
StartingBloc in New York City trains young leaders through their fellowship and provides them with access to the resources they need to address the most pressing global challenges of our time. The fellows gain access to a tight-knit community of social innovators based across the country and the world.

Strategic Sustainability Consulting : http://www.sustainabilityconsulting.com/
Strategic Sustainability Consulting provides organizations with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. They specialize in helping under-resourced organizations implement sustainable solutions usually for large, multinational companies.

Foundation for a Sustainable Future : http://sustainable-future.org/
Sustainable Future works towards informing and involving the business, political and academic communities, to catalyze the process of integrating sustainability into the design of the economic structures of tomorrow.

Sustainotopia : http://sustainatopia.com
Sustainotopia is a US-based focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean for social, financial, and environmental sustainability.

Think Local First - DC : http://www.thinklocalfirstdc.com
Think Local First works with independent businesses, consumers and policymakers to grow a sustainable, local economy in Washington DC. They envision an interconnected community of locally-owned businesses who drive sustainable economic development in Washington DC.

UnLtd India : http://www.unltdindia.org/
UnLtd India is an incubator for social entrepreneurs. They work with early-stage social entrepreneurs to help them: accelerate their progress, develop as leaders, prepare their high-impact organisations for scaling and further investment

Unreasonable Institute : http://unreasonableinstitute.org
Each year, Unreasonable Institute unites 25 entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe to live under the same roof for six weeks in Boulder, Colorado. These entrepreneurs receive training and build long-term relationships with 50 world-class mentors. In the process, they also form relationships and build their businesses with 20 investment funds, receive legal advice & design consulting, and pitch to hundreds of potential investors and partners. 

Worldways :http://www.e-worldways.com
They lead innovative business model generation, digital and traditional marketing campaigns and social technology development for game-changing social ventures, social enterprises, nonprofits, foundations and government agencies.

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative : http://orphanit.com/ysei.html
The YSEI Fellowship recognizes emerging young social innovators from developing countries. The fellowships provide start-up support for young social entrepreneurs to develop and test their innovative ideas.

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