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Investment Events

WJF recognizes two needs in the Impact Investment community:

  • A lack of opportunity for impact entrepreneurs to raise early-stage capital
  • A lack of opportunity for impact entrepreneurs to "see inside" an investment to see what investors are really interested in. 

We offer two kinds of events to help with this. They are:

1. Investor Fishbowl Education Events

These events are primarily educational for the entrepreneurs and the audience. Entrepreneurs pitch their companies in front of an audience, and go through a Q&A session with professonal investors. The total pitch + Q&A time is typically 15 minutes. Then the investors hold what would normally be a private de-brief meeting in front of the audience. They hold their discussion as if the entrepreneur and the audience are not there, and tell each other what they really thought of the presentation. See a list of our fishbowl events and presenters here

2. Green Grab Investment Events

This program connects high-growth sustainable companies who are seeking seed-stage investments with our pool of mentors and investors. The structure is similar to the Investor Fishbowl events, except that the Q&A period can run up to an hour, and the investors come to the table prepared to make real investments. The application process for these events is longer, as it is a professional due dilligence process. Participation in our business plan competition makes it easier to participate in the Green Grab events, as the second round of that competition is part of our due dilligence process. See a list of our green grab events and presenters here.

We expect to hold 4-6 Investor Fishbowl events and 2-3 Green Grab events in 2014. Events will be announced on a rolling basis. To make sure you are aware of these events, sign up for our newsletter

The video below provides a good overview of what our events look like.


If you are interesting in joining our investor pool, please email our executive director Ian Fisk via If you are interested in 

Entrepreneurs who wish to present at either kind of investment event must:

  • Represent an existing for-profit company.
  • Have a defined social or environmental goal built into how you make money.
  • Be able to say how much money you are seeking.
  • Be able to explain what you plan to do with that money.
  • Be able to explain how that money will get your company to a discernible "next level" -- wherein you will either be profitable enough to repay the investment, or positioned to attract further investment. (e.g. building a prototype, scaling to reduce production costs, expanding to a new market.) 
  • Have your CEO or a senior member of your leadership team present for the presentation.

Notes on the investments that we may offer

  • No company is guaranteed of investment.
  • Investments, should they happen, will be a convertible debt note from one, two, or more of the investors on your panel. Individual terms may be negotiated.
  • Investment decisions will be made on the day of the event. 
  • We except that investment offers will be in the 4 to 5 figure range. We are deliberately not giving a specific limit here, because we want to increase the chances that you are giving us an honest number that will take your company to a discernible next level. 
  • The money that our judges invest must represent a complete round -- that is, you shouldn't be looking for $200,000 and trying to get our judges to fill in the last $50k.

If you are interested in presenting at future events, please fill out the form and upload a two page executive summary at