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Investor Fishbowl Events

WJF hosts "Investor Fishbowl" events at our events and with our partners to help entrepreneurs understand what investors are looking for.

These events are primarily educational for the entrepreneurs and the audience. Entrepreneurs pitch their companies in front of an audience and go through a Q&A session with professonal investors. The total pitch + Q&A time is typically 15 minutes, but can be longer. Then the investors hold what would normally be a private de-brief meeting in front of the audience. They hold their discussion as if the entrepreneur and the audience are not there, and tell each other what they really thought of the presentation. 

We have hosted these events with the partners listed below:

  • The Social Enterprise Alliance Conference, San Francisco CA, in April 2010.
    Presenting companies:
    • Komaza
    • OpenAction
    • RuralReturns
    • Residia
    • ROC USA
    • TippingBucket
  • The World Resources Institute, Washington DC, in April 2012. 
    Presenting companies:
    • Lumeter Networks
    • Skip to Renew
    • EEme
  • The Impact Investment Collaboratory & LOHAS Forum, Boulder CO, in June 2012
    Presenting companies:
    • AYZH
    • Back to the Roots
    • Snack Packers
  • The LOHAS Forum, Boulder CO, in June 2013
    Presenting companies:
    • Everly 
  • The Green America Green Festival, November 2013
    Presenting companies:
    • Greenease
    • Brightbot