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10th Annual Gathering & Finalist Presentations

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Green Grab Events

The WJF's Green Grab program connects high-growth sustainable companies who are seeking seed-stage investments with our pool of mentors and investors. The structure is similar to the Investor Fishbowl events, except that the Q&A period can run up to an hour, and the investors come to the table prepared to make real investments. The application process for these events is longer, as it is a professional due dilligence process. Participation in our business plan competition makes it more likely you will be able to participate in our Green Grab events, as the second round of that competition is part of our green grab due dilligence process.

The November 12th, 2012 Green Grab featured:

The July 19th, 2013 Green Grab featured:
Sun Edge Solar logo David Argentar is the Founder and President of Sun Edge Solar ( He has vast experience in the field of renewable energy. 
Olivia Nava Olivia Nava is the CEO of Juabar ( She is driven by her empathy to understand what drives people’s behaviors. Based in Tanzania, Juabar is committed to providing people with reliable energy solutions through the use of their mobile solar energy cart. 
Shanker Sahai Shanker Sahai is the Co-Founder & CEO of Greenbean Recycle ( Greenbean is a software technology company working to increase recycling through its groundbreaking reverse vending machine and web app process. Greenbean received a $50,000 investment from this event. 
July 19, 2013 Primary Investors
Stefan Friedman Stefan Friedman has more than a dozen years of venture capital experience, including management of an internet-startup incubator and a seed-stage investment fund. He is the Board Chair of the William James Foundation, and the coordinator of our Green Grab program. 
Jigar Shah headshot Jigar Shah is the founder of SunEdison and former CEO of Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, He is committed to finding and promoting green and clean-tech energy solutions. Mr. Shah is the author of "Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy."