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This is an archive site, listing activities from 2002-2014. For current programs, please view www.mentorcapitalnet.org.

Active companies WJF/Mentor Capital Network has worked with


Past Participants - Examples (by Social or Environmental Focus

These lists are not exclusive -- we have worked with many other kinds of firms.

Meet World-Changing Companies

Our team loves to spend time talking and learning from the entrepreneurs launching and managing the multi-bottom line companies in our sustainable business plan cohorts.

List of all our Recent Interviews

Here's some of our favorite conversations: 


Access Afya is bringing quality affordable healthcare to the residents of the Mukuru slum through their clinic. The solution is to get health care to be quick, close, convenient and reliable.

Full Interview

There's no shortage of people with great ideas out there to create new futures. We want to empower anyone, anywhere to be a changemaker.

Read the StartSomeGood interview with co-founder Alex Budak - (April 30 2012)


Verde Sustainable Solutions

A full home energy audit app... from that, we built a web-based widget that helps retailers better display their energy savings directly on product pages.

Read the full interview with Jamie Johnson (July 3, 2012)

Until piped water is available in every household,
Wello's solution is to innovate a distributed system 

Read the full Wello interview with Founder Cynthia Koenig (June 20, 2012)


I realized the way apparel is being made is very damaging on the environment and harms people. I wanted to create something different. 

Read the Atayne interview with Jeremy Litchfield
(June 21, 2012)


Runa is made from the naturally caffeinated leaves of the Amazonian guayusa (gwhy-you-suh) tree. The line of organic and fairly traded tea and beverages are for the eco-friendly and health-conscious consumer. 

We spoke with Dan MacCombie, Co-Founder about Runa (June, 13, 2012)


We are trying to improve lives in Mozambique through affordable and efficient transportation and build a bicycle industry to do that.

Read more of our Mozambikes interview with Lauren Thomas, Co-Founder (July 3, 2012)


The #1 challenge following a disaster is providing clean drinking water. That is the problem we’re trying to solve.

Learn how Tricia Compas-Markman founder and CEO of DayOne Response saves lives (June 11, 2012) / And a 2013 company update!

Soupergirl is bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. We’ll get the local food for you. We’ll cook it for you. You just have to eat it!

Read the SouperGirl interview with founder (May 14 2012)



 Mali has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the world due to malnutrition among women and children. But Mali has enormous potential to be a rice powerhouse and help feed the rest of the world.

Read our Malo interview with co-founder Salif Romano Niang (May 21, 2012)



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