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Join us! On August 1st, 
The William James Foundation becomes 
Mentor Capital Network! 

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Mentor Capital Network. We invite YOU to be a part of it.

Chances are you know the William James Foundation (WJF) through our Sustainable Business Plan Competition. Over 11 years, more than 800 for-profit social enterprises and nearly 1,000 volunteer mentors have participated. Over 450 for-profit enterprises have been launched, creating thousands of jobs and impacting millions of people. 

However, WJF is not about competition. Just the opposite. It's about astounding collaboration between mentors and social enterprise creators. It's the investment in expertise that defines WJF. The knowledge and skill this network of people share is something we call mentor capital. Hence our new name. 

Our business model strengthens the social enterprise community, champions triple bottom line values and leverages the success of mentors to forge new successes. 

Meet Mentor Capital Network. Even better, Join Mentor Capital Network.

Olivia NavaMatt LeeVikki FrankKerri MurphyRichard AmbroseAvary KentChris BradshawShivani SiroyaGabriel Mandujano

Join today and be an inaugural member.  
Our goal is 200 members by August 1st.


We are a network of people who build, manage, invest in, research and support for-profit multi-bottom line businesses. 

Mentor Capital Network invests skills, perspectives, experiences and expertise to help inventors, innovators, next generation, and early-stage companies build successful business models and scale their social, cultural and/or environmental impact.

What is Mentor Capital Network?  

Continuing with our Strengths

Mentor Capital Network will continue to do what we do best - invest mentor capital in promising new and early-phase multi-bottom line businesses across the planet. We engage our pool of almost 1,000 mentors – individuals who build, manage, run, study, support, or invest in sustainable businesses – with the next generation of for-profit social enterprises. We are connecting people who are passionate about their ideas and inventions with a team of mentors who have the experience and perspective to support these entrepreneurs to create and grow successful enterprises.

  • We mobilized more than $750,000 of mentor capital with a budget of $250,000 in 2014.
    Mentor Capital Network will mobilize $1.2 million of mentor capital in 2015.

  • Our unique accelerator model disguised as a Business Plan Competition meets innovators and inventors “where they are at” and cost-effectively and virtually provides world-class mentors. 

  • We work with entrepreneurs from: 

Brooklyn  to Maputo to  Bamako


Mentor Capital Network works for our mentors. Mentors leverage their specific business skills and experiences and we respect their time.

  • Start as a business plan mentor - a commitment of just 3-5 hours over a 2-month period lets you "meet" and "mentor" multiple impact entrepreneurs from home.
  • After this "Mentor Speed Dating," mentors and entrepreneurs can choose stay connected - who they want to work with one-on-one. 

In 2015, Mentor Capital Network will launch online monthly events. Each month will feature an Entrepreneur with a Challenge and/or a Mentor with a Solution. Our Investor Team is working to create more investment opportunities.

Building new partnerships and the field

Mentor Capital Network launched 2 program partnerships in 2014 adding Mentor Capital to entrepreneurs actively engaged with other impact accelerators and incubators.

Meet the cohort from Latin America

Meet the cohort from Greater DC Area

Partnering with other accelerators “doubles the staff” helping entrepreneurs make the most of their team of mentors.

Mentor Capital Network is also focusing on field-building research. We are collecting and analyzing hard data to demonstrate the impact of mentors and mentor capital as a effective and cost-efficient model to help early-stage social entrepreneurs succeed.

Who is in Mentor Capital Network?

Mrim BoutlaNick FloresSalif NiangJennifer WoofterMark AlbionAli RazaRose YeeChristine MendoncaLee Boyle

Mentor Capital Network is not just for mentors. If you build, manage, study, advise, champion and/or invest in for-profit enterprises that are doing business to make money and make the world a better place, then you belong in our Mentor Capital Network

Why join Mentor Capital Network?

Mentor Capital Network is the professional network for you offering high-impact opportunities for social entrepreneurs, mentors and the greater field to help build and scale businesses that are making money and making the planet a better place.

Help us realize our vision of the world and join our challenge of 125 inaugural members.

Join Mentor Capital Network for as low as $50 a year. 

Join at the $250 level or higher, and you will be recognized perpetually on our website, and in our hearts, as a Founding Member of Mentor Capital Network.

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Mentor Capital Network 

Membership Levels


Hi Five-O! The awesome feeling of knowing you are part of something big and world-changing PLUS a confidence boosting and shameless Tweet praising your good looks and charm. And, our newsletter! 


You are our sunshine!

Reward above + we want to see you and will shower you with event discounts. 


You are foundational!

Rewards above + be recognized as as Founding Member of the 
Mentor Capital Network. As we continue to grow and bring about even more change together, we will always recognize you. 


It's a small world after all!

Rewards above + one-hour of Ian's time and his personalized list of three people you need to know. We will treat you like a VIP and send you special invites.  


You just changed the world!

Rewards above + one more world-changing innovator or inventor to our next cohort. We will thank you. They will thank you. Most importantly, the planet will thank you. 


You take us to the moon & back!

Rewards above + sponsor a winning Entrepreneur from a far away country to fly to our Annual Gathering and pitch their invention. We will thank you. They will thank you. The universe will thank you.


You sustain us & complete us.

Rewards above + Sponsor recogntion on our homepage, heck every page. Come to our events for free. We are forever in your debt. Until next year member fees are due. 

Rewards that recognize you are optional. You can remain anonymous if you wish. 

Mentor Capital Network is part of the Willilam James Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible. Membership provides ongoing support to sustainable entrepreneurs around the world to build a better planet and change the way business is done. Thank you for being part of the movement. 


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