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Mentor Capital Network is for Investors.

Mentor Capital Network offers access to new social enterprises and a pipeline of investment opportunities. Social enterprises in our pipeline have been mentored and vetted by experts in the field. 

Investors can work with us in several capacities: 

  • As a Business Plan Mentor, Investors are offered an easy way to get to know a business AND see the feedback and perspectives of other expert mentors on the same business.  
  • At a Investor Fishbowl or Green Grab Event companies will pitch for seed- and early- stage funding. Entrepreneurs making a pitch have extra support through the entire process by mentors in our extensive networks. We are also building pools of investors around particular topic areas for this. 
  • As a Sponsor, you can work with us to create a cohort of entrepreneurs within a specific target category and we will work to increase the pipeline for the target area of choice. In the past, we have created special targets around Clean Tech, NextGen, African companies, Sustainable Agriculture, etc. We look forward to partnering with you. 

Investors interested in working with us, please contact our executive director, Ian Fisk by email ian.fisk@williamjamesfoundation.org or by phone at 202/365-4570. 





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